Moving and Install

Tear Down

Our team in St Paul is dedicated to ensuring the utmost care when disassembling and relocating your pool table. We employ specialized equipment designed to safeguard both the table and its valuable 150-pound slate, including the use of a custom-made dolly for secure transport.

During the process, we meticulously remove the felt without causing any tears or leaving behind any staples. While this meticulous approach may be time-consuming, it guarantees a high-quality move rather than a rushed one. 

Rest assured, your table is now ready to be safely moved to its new address.

gwepool table assembly

Setting Up

In St Paul, our installers will accurately position the table and level the slates using shims. If desired, we can use a stud finder to determine the optimal location for a bar light on the ceiling.

To achieve an even surface, we use beeswax to address tiny gaps between the slates.

Our technicians meticulously level the slates with precision using a machinist level.

If the pool table is assembled on carpeting, it may settle unevenly over time and require re-leveling. We offer a guarantee that includes free re-leveling if needed, ensuring your peace of mind.

Re-felting your table is essential to eliminate any potential odors caused by contaminants from previous owners. We offer a wide selection of felt in different grades and colors. Feel free to reach out to us with any inquiries about our re-felting services.

Single Slate Moving

Moving pool tables with one slate presents unique challenges due to their substantial weight. Each slate weighs around 600 lbs, requiring the assistance of 2-3 people for carrying.

Many pool table moving companies avoid handling one-slate tables due to these difficulties. However, we are equipped to handle most situations involving one-slate tables, although moving them with stairs can be extremely challenging. Specifically, moving an 7-foot table with stairs is near impossible.

Despite the challenges, we strive to accommodate and find solutions for moving one-slate pool tables whenever feasible.



When it comes to leveling a pool table, using a normal carpenter level is not sufficient. The precision required for leveling a pool table surpasses what a carpenter level can provide. Even a slight variation in level can noticeably affect the ball’s movement during play.

To ensure the highest level of precision, we utilize a machinist level. This type of level is approximately 10 times more accurate than a carpenter level, allowing us to achieve a near-professional play quality when installing pool tables.

It’s worth noting that a lot of movers in St Paul do not use machinist levels. We advise you to inquire about the type of level used by every mover you contact. Unfortunately, some movers may take advantage of the fact that customers may not be aware of the difference between a carpenter level and a machinist level.

Quoting Process

Number of slates on the table:
A single slate is quoted at a higher price due to its increased weight.

City where the table is located:
The St Paul area and surrounding areas within a one-hour radius receive the lowest quote.

Stairs or tight corners at the location:
Having a full flight of stairs does not increase the quoted price if the table has three slates.

Grade of felt on the table (if being re-felted):
We offer options for re-felting, including 303, 505, and Tournament grades.

refelt greblu table

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